Hands On Hair Workshop LA – Beginner to Advanced


Wondergloss Studios
155 W Washington Blvd suite 1020
Los Angeles CA 90015
9:30-6:30 Each Day



Hands On Hair Workshop – Beginner to Advanced


Wondergloss Studios
155 W Washington Blvd suite 1020
Los Angeles CA 90015

9:30-6:30 Each Day

This class will cover every element for you to begin adding hair services to your list of offerings to your clients.

No more “light hair” descriptions!

Feel confident with every head you approach. Whether you are focused on TV, Film, Bridal, Commercial or Editorial, I will guide you through all the steps and techniques.

Beginner Hair Styling Workshop to Advanced in the same week!



You will need to bring a kit in order to participate. The items in the kit must be professional grade and meet the requirements on this link.
Please review each item in detail as this can make or break your class experience.
Don’t want to worry if you have the right things? Want us to bring you our professional custom curated kit?
$750 Kit available for purchase with your ticket.
*Hair Products provided

What topics will be covered?

Client interaction
Scalp analysis
Hair parting perfection
Braiding (2, 3 and 4 strand)
Marcel Madness (no spring irons here!)
Finger waving
Barrel curls
Flat Ironing
Teasing (comb, brush and fingers)
Proper invisible pinning
How to work with accessories

Hollywood Waves
Fishtail braid around the world
French Fishtail
French Fishtail Expansion
Dutch braid
Multi strand braid – all the way up to 12 strands
Marcel Braid
Asymmetrical knots
Diagonal knots
Square knots Twists

Using hair pins & bobby pins in non-traditional ways
Hair Padding – how & when to use it
Top knot
Dressing hair
Proper finishing
Tools for hair
Head shape and style proportion
Product knowledge
Kit evaluation and preparedness
Building your hair business
Blow Out Techniques

Building a style
Adding texture to hair
Bubble technique
Ribbon curls
Figure 8 square curls Marcel iron techniques
Figure 8 spiral
Shell loops
Interlocking loops
Expanded bun
Scenarios and what if’s
Saving the Day with your extra skills

Additional information


Paid in Full $2,500, Save Your Seat $550, Hair Kit $750


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