Color Theory


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Color Theory for Makeup Artists is an essential skill that must be understood in order to deliver exceptional results to your clients.

This topic is one that newer artists tend to shy away from because it can get very complex and the amount of information out there is endless. Over 3 days, we will show you how easy it is to match ANY skin tone and complexion. You will be able to practice live in real time and ask questions during the session. We will share tips on how to get a proper match with every application.
Pigment type is important to understand as well.  All forms of makeup will be shown such as: water-based, oil in water, wax-based, cream & powder.   No matter what the pigment’s source, natural, chemical or mineral, the same color theory works.  This unique webinar will finally break down all the confusion for artists at any level.


  • Color Wheel (Look for ones from amazon, the bigger the better)
  • Flash Palette from Make Up For Ever or MAQ Pro
  • Flexible Palette Knife
  • Palette paper (any art store has this, try to get in grey if possible)
  • Skin care from your kit (face moisturizer, eye cream, lip hydration, non foaming cleanser (oil based preferred)
  • Your brushes
  • Proper lighting via The Makeup Light, Ring Light, Soft Box etc.


  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary & Complimentary Colors
  • Identifying Tones
  • Tint, Tone, Shade
  • Hue and Hue Saturation
  • Value
  • Warm & Cool
  • Harmonizing colors
  • Colors that advance the eye
  • Schemes or Monochromatic, Analogous and Complimentary
  • Custom blended foundation for Global Skin Tones
  • Contouring & Hilighting for Beauty Makeup
  • Multiple types of foundation mixtures
  • Corrective color for unwanted tones


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Color Theory


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