The Bridal Business Plan
A Personal Webinar!


Mastering the wedding business takes more than just killer makeup and styling skills. Erica Carr’s Bridal Business Plan course illuminates everything you need to know to become a leader in the industry.

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The original Bridal Business webinars are now all in one place and take place in one series! The Business Plan webinar will share all of the insights needed for success! Starting or growing your business can seem like an overwhelming task, but not anymore. I will break down all of the misconceptions about the Bridal Industry, what you need to know and how it works today. Be added to our very popular Alumni Bridal Business support group so you will have mentoring for the life of your business. 

Investment -$750.00


  • Cultivating Vendor Relationships – How to really get it done and grow your network.
  • Branding & Presence – How customers see you and your brand.
  • Finding Your Ideal Client – Our unique formula works!
  • Marketing – Dominating your market & how to get your name out there.
  • Proposals – What is it, how to write an effective one, when to offer it & words to use.
  • Negotiation – Negotiation is purely a psychological strategy, let us show you how its done.
  • Charging Your Worth – How to price the right way – *Secret Pricing Equation time!
  • Value – Value is in the eyes of the customer. The potential client doesn’t always look in the right direction, so it’s our job to help them see the entire picture.
  • Persuasion – Powerful things you can do & say to plant the seeds that lead to sales
  • Sales – If your potential client is on the fence, how are you going to convince them when they reach out? Learning to leverage things you have with things they need, will get what we all want, a signed contract.
  • Commitment – Commitment indicates how your potential client sees value in the solutions you offer and trusts you because of your demonstrated understanding of their situation.
  • Contracts and Communications – Know the law in your area, how to protect yourself and not leave out any important details.
  • Questions – The right ones at the right time.
  • Timing – Making a bridal schedule that works for you

Payments, Retainer & Deposits – When & how to get it.

Bride, You’re Fired – Know when it’s time to move on.

Maintaining Control of Your Space – Don’t touch my stuff!

  • The Sabotager – We see you…Picky, Picky, Picky
  • Men’s Grooming – Don’t forget about this value added service!
  • Day Rates & Setting Yourself Apart – Creating a unique experience.
  • Destination Weddings – Pack your bags and price this right.
  • Hiring Assistants – Help, I need help!
  • Social Media – The right way to post for maximum results.
  • Touch Up Kits – Why these are not free.
  • Bridal Fairs – How to use them to your advantage.
  • Competition – What drives you?
  • Education – Where you should get it from and who to avoid….
  • Success – We break down levels so you can achieve the highest level for you.
  • Practice – We share our methods so you can be the best YOU.
  • Becoming a Leader – Build a team and guide others
  • Wellness – Taking care of YOU – It’s time. 
  • The Growth Plan – Let’s build your empire!   

This is a live webinar and not recorded. You must sign the NDA in order to get access to webinar link. NDA and Link provided 3-4 days prior.

*Receive 10 documents that you can use as inspiration for your business, including a TEN PAGE contract.

**Check to see if your computer, tablet or phone is comparable – ***You don’t need a webcam   

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